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Saluxx™ multi drain unclogger

Saluxx™ multi drain unclogger

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Introducing the Ultimate Multi-Drain Unclogger: Your Solution to Clear, Free-Flowing Drains!

Experience the convenience of a single solution for all your drain clogging woes with our Saluxx™ multi drain unclogger, designed to save you time, money, and frustration.

Fast & Easy to Operate

Cleaning your drainage lines has never been this simple and will take only a few minutes! A single blast of air can significantly help clear obstructions from heavily clogged pipes.

  • Attach the appropriate drain head.
  • Pump air to your desired pressure level.
  • Securely insert The Multi Drain Unclogger™.
  • Press the button and blast away!
      • Durable Tools: If a more hands-on approach is needed, our kit includes a high-quality drain snake and plunger, designed to last and tackle even the toughest clogs.

          Safe to Use:

          You will have full control over the level of air pressure you apply to your drains, ensuring the safe removal of blockages without causing damage to your plumbing.

          Using the PSI monitor, we recommend the following air pressure settings:

          • Sinks: Levels 0-2
          • Showers: Levels 0-3
          • Toilets: Levels 0-4
          • Sewer Lines: Levels 0-6

          Mess-Free Plunging

          Our attachment heads are designed to securely seal around all drains, preventing water splashing and debris blowback when releasing a blast of air. You can have peace of mind, knowing that you can clear even the toughest clogs while keeping your room clean in the process!

          What’s Included


          • Material: Stainless Steel
          • Cup Material: Rubber
          • Size: 60cm/23.62inch 

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              • 30 - Day Money Back Gurantee
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