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Saluxx™ Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Saluxx™ Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Introducing the pinnacle of beauty and technology – the Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner. Elevate your makeup routine to an unparalleled level of cleanliness and efficiency with this innovative device. Designed with precision and crafted for excellence, this makeup brush cleaner is an essential tool for every makeup enthusiast, professional artist, and skincare aficionado.


  • Advanced Cleaning Technology: Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual brush cleaning. Our Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner utilizes cutting-edge technology to thoroughly cleanse your brushes, removing makeup residue, dirt, and bacteria in seconds.

  • Gentle yet Effective: The cleaner's gentle yet powerful rotation mechanism ensures that even the most delicate bristles are cleaned without causing damage. Your brushes will retain their original softness and shape, extending their lifespan.

  • Hygienic and Skin-Friendly: Regular brush cleaning is essential for maintaining healthy skin. By removing bacteria and excess oils from your brushes, this cleaner helps prevent breakouts and skin irritations caused by dirty brushes.

  • Easy-to-Use: Operating the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is a breeze. Simply attach your brush to the appropriate holder, dip it into your preferred brush cleaning solution, and let the device work its magic. No complicated setup required.

  • Time-Saving: Cut down your brush cleaning time significantly. With the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, you'll have your brushes ready for use in a fraction of the time compared to traditional cleaning methods.

How To Use

Pour Water Into The Cleaner

To begin, remove the lid of the makeup brush cleaner. Take the water container and pour a sufficient amount of clean, lukewarm water into the designated compartment of the cleaner. Be sure not to overfill it; pour no more than the maximum capacity to prevent any potential spillage.


Add Cleanser

Following that, add a few drops of your preferred makeup brush cleanser or a gentle soap solution into the water-filled compartment of the cleaner. This cleansing solution will aid in dissolving makeup residue and eliminating bacteria, guaranteeing a thorough clean.


Lock & Relax

Collect the makeup brushes that require cleaning and have them prepared beside the cleaner. With the brushes at the ready, proceed to place the lid back onto the cleaner, ensuring a secure closure. Next, activate the cleaner by pressing the power button, and let the magic unfold!


Flawless Finish

Once the cleaner has operated for the recommended cleaning duration (typically a few seconds to a minute, depending on brush size and dirt level), deactivate the device by pressing the power button once again. Gently open the lid, and before you, your brushes will be revealed – freshly cleaned and utterly spotless, poised for your next fabulous makeup application!

Remember: Following each use, ensure that you drain the used water from the cleaner and thoroughly rinse it with clean water, maintaining its pristine condition for future use.

And there you have it – a straightforward yet remarkably effective 4-step guide detailing how to utilize a makeup brush cleaner. Embrace the convenience of perpetually clean brushes and welcome flawless makeup applications!

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