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Saluxx™ Dancing Cactus Toy

Saluxx™ Dancing Cactus Toy

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Dancing cactus is so lonely right now and he is waiting for his new buddy. The poor thing doesn't even have a name yet. You can take him out of our store and may consider giving one. This cactus is a true dancer and a real singer. You can watch and learn some moves from him. You can also make a feat. a song with him.


  • Versatile Song Choices: Choose from over 120 different songs! Your SyncGroove Cactus can dance and groove to all of them, ensuring the music never gets monotonous.
  • Repeat and Mimic: This interactive cactus repeats what you say! The talking, recording, repeating, and speaking features of SyncGroove will have you laughing every time.
  • Unrivaled Sound Quality: Fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, SyncGroove produces extremely high-quality sounds. Play any songs you want via Bluetooth for a customized experience.
  • 360 Degree Grooving: Watch SyncGroove rotate 360 degrees while performing funky moves with waving arms, turning your space into a blockbuster dance floor.
  • Built to Last: The Dancing Cactus is crafted to last for years, featuring a strong underlying structure that ensures durability.
  • Ideal Gift: Gifting made easy! Whether for a friend or a toddler, SyncGroove is a unique hit that keeps everyone entertained for hours, providing you with some well-deserved peace and quiet.


Simple, just insert a could Double-A batteries, press the on button, then sit back, relax and enjoy the singing and dancing! The batteries last for days so don’t worry about them running out anytime soon! The original dancing cactus, which talks back ( singing, recording & repeating) has 120 preloaded songs, and there are LED lights in it. It glows while it's operating and vibes on your desk! It plays any song by connecting to your device. It is rechargeable, and it comes with a USB cable.


  • 1x Original Dancing Cactus
  • 12,5" x 6" x 4" Net Size
  • 1 x Dancing Cactus Bluetooth Version
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Verified Quality
  • 30 - Day Money Back Gurantee
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